The Garden of Paradise (Bagh-e-Eram)

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At a distance of less than kilometer to the north-west of Shiraz, on the north side of the dry river bed, which is reckoned the natural northern boundary of the city there is s spacious garden, called the Bagh-e-Eram, with many cypresses, and a magnificent building, and a hall decorated with mirrored facets, and a fine stoneedged tank. This is one of the most celebrated gardens of Shiraz, and dates from the reign of Nasero'd-din Shah Qajar. Among the cypresses in that garden there is one very tall and symmetrical cypress tree, which especially attracts attention. It is called (sarv-e-naz), signifying a cypress whose branches stretch out regularly in all directions, and there is no tree of its kind to compare with it anywhere else in the country of Iran.


Eram Garden's Old and New Pictures