The Fort of Karim Khan

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At a little distance from the statue of Sa'di, in the part of the city of Shiraz, which was developed in the time of Karim Khan Zand, among the different memorials of that monarch is a brick fort with higth ramparts, and with round towers at the four corners, the outward appearance of which has remained untampered in the original state it had in the time of Karim Khan. Above the original gateway, which faces east, a most beautiful scene in colourde glazed tiles, showing the conflict of Rostam and the Demon, has been attached to the wall. Other beautiful scences, carried out in enamelled tiles adorn the facade of the interior, which depict in an attractive manner attendants of the Zand period, in the costumes and turbans of that time, bearing vessels full of fruit. The late Prince "Abdo'l-Hosayn Mirza, Governor general of Fars, during his rule, had excellent repairs carried out on the tilework. Around the courtyard within the fort, the halls, rooms, and different buildings required for the royal Zand establishment, remain as they were at that time. And in the Qajar period, new buildings for the residence of the Governors of Fars were built in the centre of the courtyard. For some years now the Arg-eKarim Khani has been occupied as the administrative centre of the Fars police, and there is a prison within, but it has been decided that this historic building should soon assume a state that befits it.


The Fort of Karim Khan's Old and New Pictures