The Vakil Bazaar

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It is believed that the Zand monarch, after seeing the ancient Bazar dating from the time of Shah Abbas, laid out the design of the long finely-planned Bazar in Shiraz, which is one of the best of the late Vakil's monuments. It extends from near the Esfahan Gate to where the Bazars of the old city of Shiraz begin, and it comprises arched alcoves with wide platforms in between, and seventy-four high and well-proportioned arches sustaining the roof, and there is a high domed crossing, where the east and west bazars diverge from the main bazar. Several of the main arches, and a number of intervening alcoves of the Vakil Bazar, which were used as shops, were demolished when the Zand Avenue was extended eastwards.


The Vakil Bazaar's Old and New Pictures